ROMBIO SRL was founded in 2000 and focused and specialized since the beginning in the acquisition, processing and marketing of mushrooms, fruits and medicinal plants from spontaneous flora of the Transylvania, a region of Romania with a hilly and mountainous terrain and a rich biodiversity. By the end of 2009, ROMBIO SRL reached the turnover of  approximately EUR 2,500,000.
We have BIO and NOP certification for a part of our products, or if the client need we can obtain the Biosuisse certification as well.
The main products of company are king boletus, yellow chanterelle, black trumpet, morel, blueberries, sea buckthorn, walnut kernels, bear's  garlic, arnica, etc.  which we can provide fresh, frozen or dried, but we can provide, on-demand, live snails form Helix pomatia and Helix luchorum species, as well as any of the products listed in our product range in this booklet.
The company has conducted the activity in the first two years in leased production facilities, and then starting with 2002 built, in stages, a own production facility in Dej. today consisting of:
2  freezer storage for positive temperatures (+1 ... + 18 ? C) of 120, respectively 1200 m,
3 large industrial dryers (about 12 tonnes of fresh product at 24 hours),
1 small capacity dryer (about 1 tonne of fresh product at 24 hours),
2 static freezing tunnels with an installed capacity of 85, respectively, 185 kW ,
2 cryogenic cabinets with liquid nitrogen with a freezing capacity of 200kg / h each
1 continuous freezing tunnel with liquid nitrogen of dimensions: length 14 m width 1.2 m,
3 frozen products deposits of 600, 1200 and 1500 cm.
To transport goods from the centers of acquisitions to the processing facility and respectively of frozen products from the company  to the  customers, the company has its own fleet of 11 refrigerated trucks (6 Mercedes Sprinter,  3 Peugeot Boxer, 2 Mercedes Vario) that can deliver  fresh mushrooms in 24 hours for any customer in Austria, Germany, Italy, France or northern Spain.

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